2005 - 2008 Dodge Magnum 2.7L Front Suspension Torques

2005 Dodge Magnum Front End Torque Specs

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Dodge Magnum 2.7L Repair Information

Dodge Magnum 2.7L Engine Repair Information

Here you can find information regarding the assembly of the Dodge Magnum front end. In this guide we will cover the essential repairs for the front end of this vehicle. Included within these repairs is the inner and outer tie rod removal and change, the front wheel hubs installation, ball joint removal and installation, the upper and lower control arms, and the front strut installation. Along with the repair procedures we also include the corresponding bolt torque specs for each fastener involved. These guides are intended to assist in each procedure to help diyers with the job.

Dodge Magnum Tie Rod Change/Removal

Dodge Magnum Tie rod
To install a new tie rod on a Dodge Magnum you must first remove the old one from the vehicle. This can be done by raising the vehicle up by either the use of a floor jack or a vehicle hoist. Once the vehicle is in the air you can remove the corresponding tire for the side that you want to change the tie rod on. Once the tire is off you can now access the old tie rod and remove it for replacement. On this vehicle the tie rod is apart of an entire rod system which controls the steering of the vehicle. If any of the steering rods are loose be sure to replace them appropiately. The outer tie rod itself connects with another inner portion of the rod through the use of an inner tie rod. This inner tie rod screws into the power steering rack and can be torqued down to 55 ft-lbs. Be sure to inspect and measure your old tie rods so that the new ones can be installed correctly. Whenever steering components are changed I recommend having an alignment done after the job to ensure the vehicle is in good functional condition. When putting the tie rod onto the vehicle the tie rod end nuts get tightened down to 63 ft-lbs. Be sure to install new cotter pins to ensure that vehicle safety is maintained.

Dodge Magnum Outer Tie Rod End Torque Spec : 63 ft-lbs

Dodge Magnum Inner Tie Rod Torque Spec : 55 ft-lbs


Front Wheel Hub Installation

Dodge Magnum wheel hub
The front wheel hub on the Dodge Magnum tightens down to the steering knuckle through the use of a single centered nut. In order to remove the old part from the vehicle you will need to jack your car up and remove the wheel on the side you are working on. From here we can then begin to remove the braking system by taking off the caliper and brake rotor and then remove the center axle nut which holds the wheel hub to the steering knuckle. With the nut removed the wheel hub should be removable from the knuckle. You may need to tap it with a hammer in order to loosen it up. Once loose simply remove it from the suspension and place the new wheel hub in its place. From here you can hand tighten down the center nut and then torque it down to 152 ft-lbs. Lastly we can reinstall the braking system and eventually the tire. Be sure to refer to the braking section on this website for torque specs regarding those componenets.

Dodge Magnum Front Wheel Hub Nut Torque Spec : 152 ft-lbs


Front Ball Joints Installation

Dodge Magnum Front Ball Joints
The Dodge Magnum has 3 front ball joints being one upper and 2 lower ball joints. All of which connect their corresponding control arms to the steering knuckle. For removal you can either press out the old ball joints and press new joints in or you can replace the entire control arm along with the frame bushings and ball joint. When removing the entire control arm please refer to the control arm section within this webpage. When installing the new parts be sure to torqued down the upper ball joints nut to 35 ft-lbs and the lower ball joints to 55 ft-lbs. Each ball joint will have a corresponding cotter pin that will need to be installed to ensure safety of the vehicle maintains.

Dodge Magnum Lower Ball Joints to Knuckle Torque Spec : 55 ft-lbs

Dodge Magnum Upper Ball Joint to Knuckle Torque Spec : 35 ft-lbs


Front Control Arms Installation

Lower Control Arm
Dodge Magnum Front Control arms

On the Dodge Magnum there are 2 control arms which aid in the vehicles suspension and handling. On this particular vehicle there is the use of both a strut and upper control arm. When removing the upper control arm be sure to remove the weight of the vehicle from the suspension and go ahead and loosen and remove the upper ball joint from the steering knuckle. You may need to use an air hammer or a pickle fork in order to remove as it tends to corrode in place. Next you can remove the 2 frame bolts which holds the upper arm to the vehicle frame. This can be done by accessing one side of the bolt from the side of the car and the other from underneath the hood next to the coolant reservoir and brake master cylinder. With the 2 frame bolts removed the old upper arm can be removed from the vehicle and the new upper arm can be placed into its location and hand tightened down. Once ready be sure to torque down the upper control arm frame bolts to 55 ft-lbs. The upper ball joint nut can be torqued down to 35 ft-lbs. All suspension torqueing should be done at ride height. Lastly we have the lower control arm which much like the upper arm has 2 frame fasteners and a single ball joint for each arm which attaches to the steering knuckle. When removing the lower control arms you can start by removing the frame fasteners that hold the arms to the frame and depending on which arm also the lower strut bolts which attaches to the rearward lower control arm. When installing the new arms be sure to torque down the frame side bolt to 130 ft-lbs and the lower ball joint to steering knuckle to 50 ft-lbs. The lower strut bolt gets tightened down to 128 ft-lbs.

Dodge Magnum Upper Arm Ball Joint Torque Spec : 35 ft-lbs

Dodge Magnum Upper Arm Mounting Bolts Torque Spec : 55 ft-lbs

Dodge Magnum Lower Arm Ball Joint Torque Spec : 55 ft-lbs

Dodge Magnum Lower Arms Frame Bolts Torque Spec : 130 ft-lbs


Front Strut Installation

Dodge Magnum Front struts
To replace the front struts on the Dodge Magnum you will need to lift the vehicle up into the air and start by removing the tire on the side you want to replace. With that removed we can now remove the bolts and nuts that hold the strut to the vehicle frame and lower control arm. Starting with the single lower bolt which holds the strut assembly to the lower arm. Simply remove the nut from the bolt and then lightly tap the bolt out of the lower arm assembly. Be sure not to damage the threads on the bolt as they will need to be reused when installing the new strut into the vehicle. With the lower bolt removed we can then remove the single nut which holds the stabilizer bar to the front strut. With that remove we can move to under the hood and remove the 3 nuts which hold the upper portion of the strut to the vehicles frame and the upper control arm. With the upper 3 nuts removed and the upper ball joint nut taken off the old strut assembly should be able to be removed from the car. The new strut assembly can be placed into the location of the old one and the upper nuts can be hand tightened. Before torqueing down any fasteners be sure that everything is first hand tightened. The lower bolt can then be installed and hand tightened up along with the stabilizer endlink nut. From here we can torque down the upper nuts to 20 ft-lbs and then the lower strut bolt to 128 ft-lbs. The stabilizer endlink can be torqued down to 27 ft-lbs.

Dodge Magnum Front Strut Upper Mounting Nuts Torque Spec : 20 ft-lbs

Dodge Magnum Front Strut Lower Bolt Torque Spec : 128 ft-lbs


Front Swaybar Installation

Dodge Magnum swaybar
The front swaybar on the Dodge Magnum consists of a series of brackets that hold it to the frame of the vehicle and a couple of endlink nuts that fasten it the the outer side of the car. To remove the swaybar you will need to jack up the front of the vehicle and remove both the endlink nuts as well as the brackets. To install the new swaybar you will need to move it back into the place as the old one and torque the endlink nuts to 27 ft-lbs and then torque the bracket bolts to 45 ft-lbs as well.

Dodge Magnum Front Swaybar Bracket Torque Spec : 45 ft-lbs

Dodge Magnum Front Swaybar Endlinks Torque Spec : 27 ft-lbs


Front Steering Torque Specs
Outer Tie Rod Endlink Torque Spec 63 ft-lbs
Inner Tie Rod Torque Spec 55 ft-lbs
Front Wheel Hub / Knuckle
Brake Caliper Slide Pin Torque Spec 25 ft-lbs
Front Wheel Axle Nut Torque Spec 152 ft-lbs
Control Arms Torque Specs
Front Lower Ball Joint Nut Torque Spec 55 ft-lbs
Front Lower Arms Frame Bolts Torque Spec 130 ft-lbs
Front Upper Ball Joint Nut Torque Spec 45 ft-lbs
Front Upper Arm Frame Bolts Torque Spec 55 ft-lbs
Front Shock and Extra Knuckle Torques
Front Strut Upper Nuts Torque Spec 20 ft-lbs
Front Strut Lower Bolt Torque Spec 128 ft-lbs
Stabilizer Frame Bracket Bolt Torque Spec 45 ft-lbs
Stabilizer End Link Torque Spec 27 ft-lbs