2000 - 2004 Dodge Stratus 2.4L Brake Torque Specs

2003 Dodge Stratus Brake Torque Specs

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Dodge Stratus 2.4L Repair Information

Dodge Stratus 2.4L Brake Repair Information

Here you can find information regarding the assembly of the stratus's braking system. This information will include the procedures to replace and repair certain main components within the system as well as the corresponding torque specs for bolts involved in the parts. The listing of procedures will begin with the most common and move inwards towards the inner parts of the brake system and the least common repairs that are needed.

How to Change the front brakes

Dodge Stratus front brakes
The front brakes on the Dodge Stratus are disc brakes just like the rear brakes. Disc brakes uses a series of brake pads that push onto a brake rotor in order to create friction and stop the vehicle. To change the rear brakes on the Stratus you must first remove the rear wheel and then remove the caliper slide bolts from the caliper. This will allow for the rear caliper to be removed from the brake rotor. Once removed you have access to the rear brake pads. You can simply remove the pads and place new pads in their place. Be sure to align the new pads into the metal holders. From here you can reinstall the rear brake caliper while making sure the pads stay in place. The rear brake caliper slide bolts get torqued down to 17 ft-lbs. If you replace the brake rotor at the same time you will need to reinstall the rear caliper bracket and torque it down to 95 ft-lbs. Since this is a rather higher torque spec I always add some loctite to ensure it stays tightened. If you remove the rear caliper banjo bolt be sure to torque it back up to 30 ft-lbs once done.

Dodge Stratus Front Caliper Slide Bolts Torque Specs : 17 ft-lbs

Dodge Stratus Front Caliper Bracket Torque Specs : 95 ft-lbs

Dodge Stratus Front Caliper Banjo Bolt Torque Specs : 30 ft-lbs


How to change the rear brakes

Dodge Stratus Rear brakes
The rear brakes on the Dodge Stratus are drum brakes and require many small components in order to complete replace them. I recommend getting a kit whenever replacing drum brakes as there are a lot of little seals and springs which are used in the system. To start with replacing rear drum brakes jack up the rear end of the vehicle and remove the wheel from the side you want to work on. From here we will need to pound off the rear brake drum which covers up most of the braking components and acts as the brake itself. A lot of times this is really stuck onto the vehicle so you may need a pry bar and a large mallet. Once removed you can see where all of the old drum brake components are. One by one replace the old parts with the new ones. The most important of these are the brake shoes which are the most frequently worn part on the drum brake. Be usre to install the shoes spring properly otherwise you will end up with your rear brakes sticking when they shouldn't be.


Front Brakes Torque Spec
Front Caliper Slide Bolt Torque Spec 17 ft-lbs
Front Caliper Bracket Torque Spec 95 ft-lbs
Front Caliper Banjo Bolt Torque 30 ft-lbs