1998 - 2004 Dodge Intrepid 2.7L Rear Suspension Torques

2002 Dodge Intrepid Rear End Torque Specs

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Dodge Intrepid 2.7L Repair Information

Dodge Intrepid 2.7L Rear End Repair Information

Here you can find information regarding repairs to the Dodge Intrepid rear end system. These repairs include the rear control arms installation, the rear swaybar information and bolt torque specs, the rear diff fluid change procedures, and the rear end watts system installation. All of these repairs and procedures include in depth details on how to perform the replacement and or repair. They also contain all the detailed torque specs needed for each bolt involved in the repair.

Rear Wheel Hub Torque Specs

Dodge Intrepid Rear Wheel Hub
The Intrepid rear wheel hub is held to the vehicle much like the front wheel hubs. There are 4 bolts which torque into nuts that hold the hub onto the rear wheel suspension. To remove these bolts and the hub assembly you will first need to jack up the vehicle and remove the braking system from the corresponding side of the vehicle. Once out of the way you can remove the bolts by using the access holes on the hub plate itself. Be sure to hold the nuts on the other end with a wrench. Once all 4 have been removed you can then remove the rear hub assembly and place a new part into its place. The 4 bolts can be torqued down to 125 ft-lbs.

Dodge Intrepid Rear Wheel Hub Torque Specs : 125 ft-lbs


Rear Struts Installation

Dodge Intrepid Rear strut
To replace the rear struts on a Dodge Intrepid you will need to remove two sets of bolts/nuts located at the bottom and top of the strut. Both of these fasteners can be accessed from underneath the vehicle by jacking it up and removing the wheel. To uninstall the old strut simply just remove both of the fasteners sets and the part will come out. When installing the new part reverse the procedure and tighten up the lower bolts to 48 ft-lbs and then the upper nuts to 21 ft-lbs.

Dodge Intrepid Rear Strut Upper Nuts Torque Specs : 21 ft-lbs

Dodge Intrepid Rear Strut Lower Bolts Torque Specs : 40 ft-lbs


Front Wheel Bearing Hub Torque Spec
Rear Wheel Bearing Bolts Torque Spec 125 ft-lbs
Rear Strut Torque Specs
Rear Strut Upper Nuts Torque Spec 21 ft-lbs
Rear Strut Lower Bolts Torque Spec 48 ft-lbs